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DVDs "The Last Relic" - 20 €



Who among us would not know the legendary cult and adventure film "The Last Relic" born in collaboration with Lennart Meri, Grigori Kromanov, Kalju Komissarov, Paul-Eerik Rummo, Tõnu and Uno Naissoo, Peeter Tooma and others.

Filming was taken 52 years ago in 1969. in the Old Town of Tallinn, Riga, Virtsu beach, Kuressaare Castle, by the Koiva River in Latvia and in August in several places in the primeval valley of the Ahja River.

In a considerable part, the film shot on the tracks of Taevaskoja is timeless and evergreen, unfortunately the DVDs have been sold online.


Fortunately, DVDs of cult films can be purchased on our horseback trips, even directly by holding ski rides, but also from the online store. You can easily recognize the scenes of the film with its rapidly branching fable on a horseback ride on the tracks of the Last Relic: Gabriel was tied up at his mother's bed, and only a fire that threatened Schenkenberg's horses saved a free man's life. Next to the Risbieter cliff, Ivo Schenkenberg threw Hans von Risbieter out of the cart and shot the bitter German gun dead to the wedding. On the Otten bridge, however, the rebel Siim forced the horsemen chasing the chariot of the nuns carrying the candles to stop, and during the shooting, a horse with a horseman also fell from the same bridge into the Ahja River.  


On the high sandstone cliff of the small House of Heaven, however, we find a pine, at which Schenkenberg, after putting his half-brother Gabriel back, threw him into the river. There is also a eavesdropping stone here, at which Ivo appears on his horse to the "slightly noisy" rebels and shouts: "Men! What is happening here ?!" But next to the Mother of Heaven Emalätte, the flame of love between Gabriel and Agnes von Mönnikhusen, accompanied by the famous and prophetic singing song "Every adventurous Priest knight should always have a dagger on his belt ..." also struck a bright flicker.

The film is worth watching again and again and is a valuable memory of a horseback ride to these beautiful, movie-etched landmarks and romantic venues.

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