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Mustamõisa horseback tours in the beautiful nature of South-East Estonia 

Dear horse tourist and avid nature lover!


We started organizing horseback tours in 2009 in Mongolia. Since October 2016, our trips have been awarded EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) an eco - tourism quality label recognizing environmentally friendly rural tourism products and services. Tourism products and services so valued are characterized by genuine experiences and valuing heritage culture.

Since 2022, we are proud member of Estonian Wildlife and Nature Tours Association and the same year we won the World Luxury Travel Awards (winner of the European continent in the Horse Safari category)!


Picturesque horseback adventures, sleigh rides or carriage tours will take you to the holy Taevaskoja on the paths of Estonian cult movie The Last Relic, to the exciting Mõtsküla forest or to the magical Akste Ant Kingdom. In Taevaskoja, legend tells about underground castle that has sunk into oblivion, from where, according to tradition, three passages lead to Riga, Pechory and the longest to Kyiv ... On longer trips, there is a delicious local picnic basket offering in the price of the trip.

We ride white blue-eyed Estonian Native Horses and drink local herbal tea for refreshment. If lucky, we will see largest living bird of prey in Europe – White-tailed eagle or meet Kingfisher ("Flying Blue Gem" as locals say).  If necessary and desired, we will set up a campfire in one of the picturesque Estonian State Forest Management Centre (RMK) wilderness camping sites.

Bears, wild boars, lynxes, elk and other prides of Estonian forests also live in the area. We pass by the beautiful Lake Erne while riding in the highlands and look at a strange hill with a single native tree. On a meditative horseback ride leading to an Akste Ant Kingdom, we see a colony of Formica aquilonia (Scottish wood ant), one of the largest in Europe in the 1970s, built by ants at the time of Christ's birth, approx. 2021 years ago. 

The main trump card of the nature reserve is the primeval and untouched Estonian nature, which acts as a real antidepressant and source of vitality. Of course, during the horseback riding, we also observe different varieties of birds, animals and plants. efreshment.

The trips start from Mustakurmu village in Põlva County (South-East Estonia) and last 1-5 hours according to the agreement. The trip to Taevaskoja and back with a lunch break will definitely take at least 4 hours (if you are skilled rider). In Taevaskoja, if desired, you can stay in a private tent camp by the Ahja River for the night by additional agreement.

Shorter trips take place in the picturesque Akste Ant Kingdom or in the Mustakurmu-Mõtsküla-Lootvina area. If desired and for a special fee, the horses can be transported to Taevaskoja (or elsewhere) by land.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, people without previous riding experience and skills will not be allowed to trot or gallop offroad. However, if you are really a beginner, but you want to enjoy nature on horseback, we are willing to introduce you to the basics of riding and still provide a pleasant horseback hike safely at a steady speed.

For your part, bring a calm mood, high heel boots, pants suitable for riding (a seat without rubbing seams, leggings made of too slippery material is also not the best choice). For comfort and safety, we also recommend the use of gloves made of thin and non-slip material (also in summer!)  Riding without the use of safety equipment and in an inadequate condition is excluded.

See you on a horseback!

Roy Strider

CEO, Ilmavald OÜ (PLC)


COVID-19 prevention measures


Dear client!

Your health and sense of security is most important to us. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that you are still safe when exploring Estonian nature on horseback with us.



  1. We monitor the occupancy of groups, strictly monitor the occupancy requirement established by the Government of Estonia in real time and regulate the number of visitors.

  2. We additionally disinfect surfaces in contact with clients, incl. reins and saddles and other equipment as required.

  3. We require a distance of 3-4 meters on horseback hikes. At closer contact, we demand to wear a mask.

  4. Our staff distributes free disposable masks to those in need.

  5. Disinfectants can be found in the outdoor toilet, in the horse saddling area. The tour guide also provides disinfectants. Please disinfect your hands when arriving, before the hiking break, as well as at the end of the hike.

  6. Personal protective equipment can be disposed of in a specially marked trash can at the end of the hike.



If you have additional questions, write to the e-mail

With the COVID-19 safety label, trusted to us by Development Centre of Põlva County we confirm that we follow the requirements and instructions of the Government and the Health Board of Estonia (
) established for our industry or field, that we keep up to date with the information, and that we help visitors comply with the infection-prevention guidelines on site.



  • The Greener Põlvamaa beaver mark – a proof of Põlvamaa origin and Põlvamaa values. It shows our green attitude and promise to be economical, clean, recyclable and caring in our operations. It is a value label that confirms that you can enjoy our products and services with a greener conscience (since 2023)

  • World Luxury Travel Awards Winner 2022 (Horse Riding Safari Company - Continent)

  • Member of Estonian Wildlife and Nature Tourism Association (since 2022)

  • World Luxury Travel Awards Nominee 2022 

  • Ehe Eesti 2021 – Best native Estonian company name award (in manufacturing plant category)

  • EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) - Estonian ecotourism quality label (since 2016)

  • Põlvamaa Greener Mark - a local service quality label that marks regional origin, high quality, use of natural materials and environmentally friendly production (since 2015)


  • Price: 39 € per hour / person / horse

  • Booking:

  • Deductible agreement: mandatory for all riders to sign

  • Additional information:

  • NB! There is no horseback riding in air temperature of more than 25 degrees Celsius!

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